Bot User List and Punishment Notice 10/07

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Bot User List and Punishment Notice 10/07

Mensaje  kyorules el Mar Oct 07, 2008 11:59 am

Hello. This is Silkroad Online.

We apologize to our users for the delay in posting our latest massive bot list. The process of arranging the list has taken more time than we had expected. However, we are now done sorting the list, and the bot list will be posted more often.

The bot list of all servers has been posted, and we will be continually investigating bot users and when found, we will be punishing them. Previous bot list has been replaced with new one.To view the massive bot punishment list, please click here.

This is not the end and our war against the bots continues...

To Bots : Now, it is time to leave!

* When looking for specific players on bot punishment list page, please use the search function by pressing CTRL and F.

* Approximately 9,600 bots have been banned.

ya no me sorprende.... Rolling Eyes Rolling Eyes

lol! lol!
Penon Warrior
Penon Warrior

Masculino Cantidad de envíos : 311
Edad : 37
Localización : Uruguay
Build : Full STR Blader FOREVER
Server : Babel
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50 / 10050 / 100

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